About Us

Established in 2014, The AlphaCoach/WaterTeach Group is a Canadian company that provides professional coaching services to individuals and organizations. Our purpose is to help improve quality of life for our clients, to ensure their lives focus on well-being and authenticity. For companies, this quality of life has a major impact on employee performance, and therefore on commercial performance. A sense of belonging is also fostered within the organization’s different teams and among its partners.    

For people, families and communities, reaching great quality of life involves self-awareness, as well as learning how to use introspection and having an effective and compassionate dialogue with oneself. What’s more, our customized training allows clients to discover the tremendous power of gaining a deeper understanding of the rules that govern success, and having a positive outlook on life, whatever their goals are.

Group coaching mandates are mostly unique and cater for the needs of each client. For individuals, ACWT offers a selection of products and services, including life coaching (personal challenges), career transition coaching (following loss of employment) and family coaching (addiction, divorce). Eligible clients may eventually choose to leverage our advanced coaching techniques and proprietary services. 


Whether the issue is big or small, corporate or individual, recurring or not – started 20 years ago or less than a day ago – in your professional or personal life, ACWT coaching services are designed to help you create and implement sustainable solutions.

The amazing quality of life that you will discover is priceless 

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